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Just a brief background on ReMarkable. ReMarkable is an application that was conceptualized and created by Seedless Apps after it’s founder, Alok Ahuja, had an AH HA moment about producing a paperless classroom.  The application went through months of research with our global network of teachers who were willing to donate their time and daily struggles when it came to accepting and marking student documents.  This research allowed us to pinpoint some of their daily struggles, and create a tailored application that speaks to these hurdles and makes the process of accepting and marking student documents enjoyable and easy for teachers all over the world.

ReMarkable took just under a year to complete, and during the development process we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us keep the funding and momentum going.  This was also a great test case for us to see if ReMarkable was something that people would embrace and support as we continued to move forward to our launch date.  Let’s just say that we reached our funding goal of $8k in less than 30-days and now have over 75,000 users and growing all over the world!!!  ReMarkable has brought tons of awareness to the excessive and unnecessary use of paper in the classroom, and how easy it is to eradicate with it’s daily use.  Thanks so the overwhelming acceptance and use of ReMarkable, we are constantly working with early adopters of ReMarkable to add new functionality and tools for teachers to use and test.  It’s an exciting time at ReMarkable, and we continue to thank all the users and future users for their support.





Want to be ReMarkable? With the success of ReMarkable, our goal is to make sure that we are constantly addressing the issues of teachers and students by providing relevant additions and functionality to the app.  If you are a teacher that would like to join our global network and provide us with new tools that you’d like to see, please contact us here.