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Backing Up Your Work In Remarkable


When using ReMarkable we understand how many hundreds of files that are transferred and sent back and forth, from the student to the teacher and vice versa.  This is why we made it a point to have manual backup points available to all users, so each document, grade and class list can get stored in the ReMarkable cloud securly.

Forgot your iPad at school but still need to mark all those documents tonight?  No problem!  With the backup and restore functionality in ReMarkable users can backup all their work on one iPad and then log into another device and hit restore to pick up right where they left off.  This gives teacher the flexibility to mark documents on the go, but also have the security of keeping everything backed up in the ReMarkable cloud.  The cloud storage is a free solution that we are using to make sure no document gets left behind or unmarked!

Step 1 – Tap on the settings icon from the top left of ReMarkable


Step 2 – From the settings menu, focus your attention to the ‘Backup’ button at the bottom.  Once you tap on this section you will be prompted with the question:


Step 3 – You will be notified that all your work has been successfully backed up!


Step 4 – If you are now ready to log back into another iPad or your main device, you can tap back on the settings menu and hit the ‘Restore’ section.  This will restore right from your last ‘Backup’ point and you will be back on your way to using ReMarkable!


In four easy steps you are able to backup and restore your work, easily, quick and without any worries that you might leave something behind at school or home!

The ReMarkable Team

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