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Say Hello To ReMarkable.  Introducing a revolutionary way for students to submit documents to teachers and professors digitally. The team at wanted to create a way to eradicate the use of paper and printer ink when submitting assignments for teachers to mark.  Say hello to ReMarkable! Students can create and complete assignments on the computer, email the teacher for direct delivery to the ReMarkable app and let the marking process begin.  Teachers have the ability to store grades, annotate directly on the submitted document, organize documents in the smart folder system and with one tap send the marked document back to the student.




Step One.  Once users download the application, they will sign up for a FREE account and upon sign up be given a new email account that will be used to accept documents to ReMarkable.  Users will be given an email account, and this is what you will provide to students who wish to submit work to your ReMarkable account.

Step Two.  Once the documents get submitted to your ReMarkable account, you can simply tap on the ‘settings’ section and download all files into the application.  Now you have the ability to organize all files with the Smart Folder System.

Step Three.  If you are going to be storing grades, now will be the time that you can upload/create ‘Class Lists’ in the settings tab of ReMarkable.  Once you have created/uploaded a class list then you have the ability to build your students ‘Mark Sheets’ and then associate document grades to students directly in the annotation screen!!  Never has it been easier to mark documents and store grades at the same time.

Step Four. All file icons will be red in colour, meaning that they are ready to be marked.  Once the marking process has begun, but not completed, the icons will turn yellow.  And after they have been marked and returned to the students, the icon will change to a final colour of green.

Step Five.  Sit back, relax and enjoy all the free time you’ll have after marking your students documents with ease and in record time using ReMarkable.




  • Desktop.  Once users are done annotating documents in ReMarkable, they can be sent back to students and viewed on any desktop computer or laptop!  All documents are flattened as .PDF’s once the marking process is complete, allowing end users to view them on any OS from Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Mobile phone. We have recognized the fast pace schedules that students are now accustomed to, which is why we have also made it possible for them to view their ReMarkable documents on any mobile phone.  ReMarkable documents can be viewed with Good Reader, Evernote, Google Drive just to name a few.
  • Tablet. ReMarkable is currently only an iPad application for all users, however all ReMarkable documents can be viewed on any tablet style and platform type from Android, iOS and Windows.

Use ReMarkable to receive documents from anywhere at anytime!  Portable convenience is now just at your fingertips and once you are done marking, students can receive their marked documents on any device or computer.  



ReMarkable 2.0 Full Demo

by Dan Rascal

After all of the amazing feedback from the thousands of teachers worldwide, the team at Seedless Apps presents you with the new and improved ReMarkable!! Some of the new functionality includes marking sheets, rubric marking grids, class lists, storing grades in the ReMarkable cloud and lots more new annotation tools.


How To Be ReMarkable Instructional Demo

by Dan Rascal

Be sure to check out our version one launch video.  This video can also be found in ReMarkable upon signing up for a new account within the application.  It was directed by our good friends at Dan Rascal, and has helped users get a quick and concise understanding of the concept and theory behind ReMarkable.


RecentClients say

  • Alan
    Alan Henry via
    Students using it together can collaborate and proof each other’s assignments without having a teacher use it to grade them, for example, so anyone looking for an easy way to collaborate privately can make use of it. If you do get a teacher involved, it can make classroom life a lot easier.
  • Chinska
    Chinska via AppStore Review
    I just downloaded the app today and have been playing around with it. For anyone who has used MarkUp, I can tell you that it is far superior. The app strikes the right balance between being the powerful but also simple to use. And if you have an issue with anything, the response is immediate. Keep in mind that as of this writing, the program is only one day old, so there may be a glitch or two. But even right out of the gate, this is a very welcome app for teachers who want to go paperless.
  • Michael
    Michael Karlin via The EdTech Round Up Blog
    It doesn’t have a lot of frills or flair, but I think that’s a good thing. The ReMarkable team set out to make an app that makes digital grading incredibly simple, and they absolutely achieved that goal. Finally, it’s the perfect way to go paperless and create a more green classroom environment! So, if you’ve got access to an iOS device, I highly recommend giving ReMarkable a try!
  • Don
    Don Cram via AppStore Review
    This app is very well done, with all the features an educator could want and clear, complete documentation within the application itself. It works smoothly on a wide variety of student-submitted file types, including jpegs shot from student phone cameras for non-text work. And, the developer responded to my questions right away.

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