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ClassFolder System

Staying organized has never been easier

It’s Always Important To Stay Organized. When you are receiving hundreds of documents for grading, we know how important it is to stay organized which is why ReMarkable offers our Smart Folder System within all areas of the app.  Whether you are in the ‘All Files’ main screen or in ‘Class Lists’, we have created a smart folder system that is completely independent within their respective sections that users can build out to organize their files and classes.  We understand that many teachers host more than one classroom, which is why you can now create smart folders to keep those classes separated and organized for when it comes time to mark.

How Do I Manage These Folder Systems? Each Smart Folder System is independent within it’s own right, and you can simply tap on the edit icon to add/remove folders, change folder names, move or merge folders and even create sub folders within each other for a more granular form of organizing.  We have made sure to incorporate the Smart Folder System through ReMarkable, making it easy and effortless for users to stay organized and on top of each document that enters the app.


You'll Never Misplace Another Document Again!