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ReMarkable Can Connect To All Your Different Storage Solutions. Dealing with hundreds of documents and large numbers of students, we understand how important it is to store all their information.  Not only do you get free cloud storage within ReMarkable, but we also give you the option to connect your Google Drive, DropBox or Box accounts.  This gives users the diversity to upload or download to any one of your cloud storage accounts.

Can I keep all my documents stored in ReMarkable? ABSOLUTELY!!  ReMarkable comes with free storage that you can use to store all your documents.  In the settings functions of ReMarkable you can simply tap the ‘BackUp’ button and in a few seconds all your marked and unmarked assignments are stored on our Cloud Servers.  Now that you’ve backed up all your files, you can simply log into your ReMarkable account from any iPad in the world and hit the ‘Restore’ button to simply retrieve all your documents from the ReMarkable Cloud and pickup right where you left off!!  No more having to worry about where you might have left those pesky assignments.


Download From Any Cloud Storage......Backup Everything On The ReMarkable Cloud