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Email Sync

How do I get all these assignments into ReMarkable? Sometimes we take the functionality of email for granted, but the team for ReMarkable knew that we could leverage it’s ease of use with our vision of paperless marking.  To make things simple, we have one easy step that is required by all users to get their very own free ReMarkable email account….and that is to sign up for an account!  Upon signing up for your FREE ReMarkable user account and activating your profile, we provide you with a unique email address that will be used to accept all files directly into the application.  This email address can only be used with ReMarkable and is not transferrable or available for other installations.

Who can use my email address? There are no limitations on who can send documents to your ReMarkable account, but keep in mind that file sizes are set to standard sizes.  You can accept any file size, but anything that is over 5mb might take some time to come through to the application just as it would to a normal inbox.


Use Your FREE ReMarkable Email Address For All Files