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In AppMarking

Marking made easy.

You Mean I Can Mark In The App? ReMarkable was built with the vision that teachers wouldn’t have to worry about carrying around bags full of assignments to mark, or a pencil case full of red pens!!  With the development of our annotation tool, that vision has now become a reality on steroids.  Not only do teachers have the ability to mark freehand, but they also have access to over a hundred different marking tools:

Can We Edit Our Annotations? You might not be able to erase a marker grade from a paper assignment, but in ReMarkable all annotations can be deleted/altered or updated as the user’s see fit.  You can simply tap on any page markings to bring up the ‘Inspector’….allowing you to change to the color, font size, thickness, opacity, page position or even to delete it!!  We’ve made sure that no teacher is ever stuck with their annotations, and this is one of the many reasons it’s ReMarkable.


In App Marking Has Never Been This Easy