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Use class lists to take advantage of mark sheets!

Need To Store All Your Student Names In ReMarkable? We know that when teachers and users alike are marking documents, it’s always nice to be able to associate those marks to a student list.  The users asked, so we are now delivering the ability to upload or create ‘Class Lists’ within ReMarkable, so you can now mark documents and associate the grades to an individual student from your new list.  This is going to be a game changer for our power users, and give them the flexibility to add/remove or move students from list to list, different classes or even to a specific mark sheet!!

Am I limited to how many lists I can have? ReMarkable give users to ability to add multiple ‘Class Lists’, which can then be used to create mark sheets.  Mark sheets are also a new addition to ReMarkable, and is where all the grades will be stored.  You must have a class list in order to create a mark sheet, and this is all explained with our in app tutorials as you enter the different tools.

How should the list be formatted for upload? The ‘Class Lists’ can be uploaded from the application and should all be formatted as CSV files.  We have created a template that you can easily download and fill out.  The download link can be found on the top right of our top header, which is on every page of the site.  Go ahead and download that CSV file and fill out all your students names, then simply place it in any storage tool (Google Drive, Dropbox or Box) and then you can upload it from there directly into ReMarkable.  You can always visit our in app support section or email our team at if you have any questions or issues.


Upload Your Student Class Lists To Create A Mark Sheet